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Boomerang Mango Ice Cream with Apricot Glaze

I moved to Europe after my marriage and there.................I fell in love.....head over heels in love.
Hey!Hey! Before you come to any odd /weird conclusion about that first line, let me start my story.
There was a time, not long ago when I hated ice cream. [Can hear the gasps] It's not a fib.I hated the ice creams available back in my hometown, in India. But I never regretted not liking them. Infact, I was ecstatic that there was atleast one thing in the fattening food world that I didn't like:) But, that joy was short lived. I moved to Europe after my marriage and there.................I fell in love.........head over heels in love..... with ice creams.(Now, that first sentence is complete).
In summer, there were stalls which sold ice creams made from fresh fruit.No artificial anything was added. Just cream, fruit, cane sugar and pure and natural extracts(some added eggs). As, the saying goes- your food tastes only as good as the ingredients that go into it, and these treats tasted so rich and the flavors were so full. That was when I first tasted some of the finest store-bought ice creams made by the big names in the ice cream world like Haagen dazs. They were pricey, but, the burst of taste in your mouth and the depth of the flavors makes it all so worthwhile . It was an "out of the world" experience . The love affair has blossomed ever since.
I realised that fresh, good quality and natural ingredients are the key to making good nibbles. Soon, I started making luscious ice creams at home without having to pay those high prices. Now, that is dual gratification. Boomerang mango ice cream is one of those attempts. It will definitely make you come back for more( thus named boomerang ice cream)
In this recipe you can substitute heavy whipping cream with any ready whipped topping. I have used heavy whipping cream. But, feel free to use whatever you are comfortable with.
Personally, I don't like ready whipped toppings because most of them are not really dairy cream. They fall in the category of non-dairy creams. They are made from oil. It's good for lactose intolerant people. So, if you ask me whether I want ice oil or ice cream? know what my answer will be. So, I prefer whipping up cream at home.
Coming to the mangoes, in summer, I would generally make homemade sweetened mango pulp from fresh mangoes. But, in winter, the store bought can is good enough. And you don't have to have a glaze. The ice cream tastes really great otherwise too. The glaze adds to the flavor.
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By the way, I'm on cloud nine today and I would love to share the reason. I recieved my first award.
Thanks to Poornima of poornimastastytreats for bestowing me with these wonderful awards. I'm honored and have to say that she's been very generous. Cheers! to everyone on that note.
Now, heading back to the ice cream part. This recipe has very few ingredients, 4 to be precise( excluding the apricot glaze) and you will be surprised at the wonderful outcome. Trust me...
(I reiterate, in this recipe you can substitute heavy whipping cream with any ready whipped topping. I have used heavy whipping cream. But, feel free to use whatever you are comfortable with . )
Prep time: 8-10 mins
Ingredients:(Serves 7-8)
  • Alphonso mango pulp- 425 gms (available in Indian grocery stores)
  • Sweetened condensed milk - 1/2 can(about 7 oz.)
  • Heavy whipping cream( chilled) - 225 ml( substitute with 1/2 a box of ready whipped topping like cool whip )
  • Powdered sugar- 3/4 cup(If using ready whipped topping then there is no need for sugar)
  • Apricot preserve- 6 tbspns (for the glaze)


  • In a large bowl, pour whipping cream and whip it with the help of an electric whisk.When it starts to thicken, gradually add powdered sugar and whip till stiff peak form. ( If using ready whipped topping, then you can avoid this step)
  • In a mixing bowl combine the mango pulp and condensed milk . Mix well.
  • Pour this mango pulp mixture slowly into the whipped cream and gently fold it in with the help of a hand whisk.( Do not use electric whisk in this process).
  • When the mixture is well combined, transfer it to a freezer safe dish/box and freeze for 7-8 hours.
  • For the glaze, mix the apricot preserve with 6 tspns of water. Glaze is ready. While serving ice cream, spoon some glaze on top of each scoop.
    There you go.........Slurp! lick........... Mango ice cream with apricot glaze........ Could there be anything easier? :)
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  1. My goodness....what a shot and what a lovely recipe....good work smiths....Love it!!

  2. I wouldnt mind having a genourous bite of that scoop as well....:)

  3. Seriously theres a helluva difference b/w the stuff we get in Indian n here..Looks so so yum Smitha..I want a scoop now..:)
    But,the mango pulp we get in Indian stores no,they are way too sweet n unhealthy I guess..they add more sugar than pulp..:(

  4. could you pls pls send me some :( they look soo delicious and ive always (ALWAYS) been a fan of icecream!!

  5. Wish I could have a scoop...looks prefect and thats such an easy recipe...have bookmarked this one.

  6. Thanks shabs, Varsha, Superchef and Poornima.You guys always leave a comment and that makes my day:) I wish I could send all of you some ice cream.
    Varsha,I too cringed at the thought of canned mango pulp but there is a particular brand of alphonso mango pulp called "ratna" available in the indian stores and it's pretty good. I was surprised.It was good and about the sugar part, I thought it wasn't that bad.

  7. Hi Smitha,
    What a rich looking ice-cream!! lovely pictures...makes me drooooooooo..l, the name suits just perfect :)it def. will have the boomerang effect ;)


  8. Rich and creamy ice cream looks perfect and tempting, awesome job Smitha ! Congrats on your awards, a great way to celebrate with ice cream!

  9. that ice cream looks better than any ice creams sold in any ice cream joint! beautiful click too...

  10. Hi, I found your blog through Cynthis's site. Lovely looking ice cream! I'll keep this recipe in mind for next summer. And congratulations on your first awards!


  11. fabulous presentation,nothing cooling than ice cream to beat the heat,love the mango flavor:)

  12. Ice cream looks yummy and easy to make. Will try it.


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