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I had visited Holland, MI over the weekend. Was really tired after the trip. Got the energy to make a post only today :) Will do a write up about the trip soon with a few snaps too.

Today, I'm posting a nutritious, yet, delicious recipe. Palak Paneer.

I am extremely fond of any form of greens.
My amma( mother) recollects that I was crazy about spinach as a kid too. Itseems, she never had issues feeding me lunch when there was greens on the plate. I was a wierd kid :)

Beets were what I disliked the most at that time. My mother's frequent lines used to be " eat pink beetroot for pink cheeks". I was not keen on pink cheeks. But one fine day she was taken aback and astonished when I asked her why my cheeks did not turn green when I ate spinach. She had no answer for that.

That was my baby talk when I was three or so. Still obssessed with greens, palak makes me feel good.

I'm sending this recipe to the 15 minute cooking event conducted by Mahimaa.

Prep. time 15 mins

Ingredients -(makes 3-4 servings)

  • Paneer- 200 gms cubed(pan seared or deep fried to prevent it from crumbling)
  • Oil- 2 tbspns
  • 1 medium onion and 1 green chilli(pureed together to a fine paste)
  • Ginger-garlic paste - 1 tspn
  • Palak(spinach) - 1 bunch
  • Cumin seeds - 1 tspn
  • Cumin powder - 1 tspn
  • Turmeric powder -1/4 tspn
  • Chilli powder- 1/2 tspn
  • Garam masala - 1/2 tspn
  • Salt - to taste
  • Sour cream- 3 tbspns(substitute with heavy cream)
  • Milk - 1/8 cup

  • Blanch(soak) spinach in boiling water for about 1 min.Remove from water and make a fine puree of it in a blender.
  • Heat oil in a pan and add cumin seed and turmeric powder.Then add the onion-chilli paste and saute well for abt 6-7 mins(till the onions no longer smell raw).
  • Add ginger-garlic paste and saute for 4-5 mins.
  • Add spinach puree. Stir well.
  • Add garam masala, chilli powder and salt.Let it cook for about 2-3 mins on low heat.
  • Add 2 tbspns of sour cream and the milk and stir well.Add the paneer cubes
  • Turn off heat and transfer the palak paneer into a serving bowl and
  • Finally, top it with a dollop of sour cream.
  • Serve with puris or chapatis.
Luv 'n' luc'


  1. Yummy palak paneer....looks delicious love the dollop of sour cream on the top :)

  2. wow! yummy ...nice dish Thanks for sharing

  3. Palak Paneer looks creamy n delicious! Love the dark green colour if the dish with the cream on top :)

  4. U like greens, wow! Nice palak paneer, love the soru cream dollop on top, yummy :)

  5. Yeah, your cheeks should have turned green too!;D

    Hope you eat Bets now, good for you.

    Palak Paneer looks so good, creamy and delicious!:)

  6. Lovely palak paneer of my the dollop of sour cream on it..

  7. Palak panner is a staple dish with naan, awesome color and very yummy looking dish... topped with cream, looks like those served at dhaba's...

  8. yup..your cheeks should turn green when u eat palak ..good question @ such a samll age:)
    i am not that good @green leafy veggies n beets too..plak paneeer looks so colorful with refreshing green color with cream on top :)

  9. Palak has always been a fave-mom would make a palak and alu sabzi,and I would devour that as a kid. Nowadays,I've started substituting tofu for the paneer-more nutritious :)

  10. looks superb....nice composition..

  11. Really u were a naughty kid da... see how u confused ur mom:) Palak paneer looks healthy n yummy.
    I included the meaning of chicken 65 in my post , thanks for asking.

  12. Love anything with paneer, being a great addict to paneer, i just love this palak paneer,urs looks amazing!!

  13. very nice picture.....i love to eat this...

  14. This is one of my all time favorites. I love the fact that ur dish still has that wonderful palak green color. Looks delicious.

  15. I cook green leafy vegetables 4 times a day. My entire family is crazy for greens. Loved the topping of sour cream on palak paneer., very nice Smitha.

  16. Hi Smitha ..
    lovely blog ...this is my first comment here..Palak paneer looks just superb ..very tempting one ..nice click too ...keep it up
    keep in touch

  17. nice combo...healthy one....yummy

  18. Hi Smitha,
    That question must have stumped ur mom! kids really are unpredictable they can ask...say something which is unthinkable to the adult mind ;) cool!
    Palak paneer looks gorgeously grrrrrrrrrrrren :)love it with rotis.
    Smitha...I've tried to answer ur query abt misti doi n shrikhand in my last post. Thanks for taking interest into the insight of the dishes girlie :)

  19. Hey Smitha, I like the way you have blanched the spinach instead of cooking it to death like we normally treat vegetables in Indian cooking... Nice and healthy.

  20. Palak Paneer looks so creamy. Luv the color:)

  21. Palak Paneer looks creamy and colorful.gr8 blog.

  22. wow..looks delicious..i too love palak paneer...

  23. Super delicious!Just like my mom makes,tasty coincidence I also posted my PP recipe:)

  24. hey Smitha.....lovely green, i love palak paneer!!! For the past 2 weeks we banned it bcoz i'm too much into sweet preparation n baking cakes, so somewhere i've to compensate, right :))

  25. spinach.. here i come...

    reminds me of popoye and olive...

  26. So creamy good.

    Whenever you see the font barely visible. Please refresh or reload the page. The background should be white.

  27. gobble gobble..i feel like taking the curry in!!! seriously its so tempting!!

  28. Palak paneer, nutritious and yummy at the same time. I feel sooo homesick for India (has my heart since the visit in 2006), luckily there's Indian cuisine that's internationally known to give an ease to the missing... My first time on your blog, hello Smitha!

  29. Smitha i dont know how you get my post in your reader dear..

  30. oh my, palak paneer looks abso creamy and rich. I will die to eat this one.


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