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Saffron Apron - this blog is an attempt to highlight good food and the process of making it. Preparing good eats is an art and being able to savor and appreciate its flavors is a gift.Kitchen experiments virtually transit you across the globe and help bring the world to your table. Food is truly a universal experience and the most simple and uncomplicated form of comfort. So, ultimately, this blog is all about food, food and more food.

I'm blogging, purely, because of my insatiable thirst to learn more and secondly, to share my recipes and tips so that everyone can launch out and be confident to cook and bake, anytime. As I mentioned in my profile, my saffron apron accompanied me in my recipe trials and holds a place dear to my heart in helping me realise my passion for cooking and baking .

And about me...........I hail from south India. Though, a native of Kerala - God's own country , I was born and brought up in coimbatore(Tamil Nadu) , a place famed for its ideal climate and flourishing cotton industry.Now, I am living life to its fullest with my partner , Vinit. We lived in Germany for 3 years and are currently living in the USA.
I love to travel and that lent a hand in introducing me to various cuisines. I have accumulated recipes of my favorite munches and would love to share them with you and it will be great to hear your feedback. It will help me hone my skills further.

The style of food preparations I'll be sharing through this blog would be a mixture of anything fantastic from around the world. From varied regional Indian cuisines,to chinese to Italian and mexican.Culinary treats from starters, to snacks to the main entrees to desserts. Have stacks of vegetarian recipes too.

My husband is my greatest critic and loves to critique my food. He is hard to please and sometimes gives me rave reviews, not wanting to sleep on the couch :) . Jokes apart, he lets me know when the outcome of my recipes are good and never hesitates to mention when they are bad and when they need to improve. Likewise, I respect your feedback and it is important to me. So, don't hesitate to opine.
Anything about cooking and baking goes as far as this blog is concerned. Once you attempt the recipes , beleive me, you will realise the amazing cook in you.You will hear plenty and plenty of appreciation and compliments.It will be to such an extent that you may have to wear an extra pair of ears to take it all in
:) .

The recipes I am parting are made simple and easy resulting in scrumptious, amazing and sophisticated outcomes.You can dissect and review them, henceforth, helping me progress. I encourage comments on my recipes. So opinions are welcome.

So all you foodies out there, come on and join the jing-bang pack and let's have a gala time. Hope this voyage is as rewarding for you as it is going to be for me .

Luv 'n' luc'


  1. To be honest, i had to undergo some amount of fasting while she was busy blogging, but what else can i say apart from..."All the Best".

    I know you've put in a lot of hard work and dedication into this blog. Looking forward to more sumptuous savouries without much delay :)


  2. Thanks Vini. Much appreciated. Hope you are never disappointed.

  3. Hey Smitha,

    This sounds exciting! I particularly look forward to your cake recipes...could never forget the Black Forest you baked for Radhika,cud I?!So here is wishing you all the luck...Keep blogging.


  4. Hey Smitha,
    Loved your blog ... I won't mind the blackforest cake recipe as well. Keep posting recipes!!
    Shoba chechi

  5. Hi Smitha,

    ALL THE BEST on the blog..... I am sure it will be a big hit.....

    I am proud to say that I have tasted Smitha's desserts. I am sure many of you will envy me if you try her recipes. Those are really simple and ofcourse DELICIOUS. I am just waiting for her to post her recipes.

    Vinit's words are just like any hubby's words but he really really loves her cooking esp. her Caramel Pudding. Am i right Vinit????


  6. Thanks viji.That was really sweet.I hope my food is truly worthy of those words

  7. Those Rasamalai look delicious...( slurp... )..Hmmm...I am going to try it out some day.. but I look forward for my chocolate cake recipe :)

    If anybody has to yet try Hyderbadi Briyani, pls do try Smitha's recipe. Very easy to follow. Its that simple and you won't believe you made it. Keep posting your recipe's Smithu...


  8. Welcome to the world of food blogging!
    Happy cooking! :)


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